The Best Gutter Covers and Screens for Northern Michigan Houses

Gutter Sreens
SuperFlow Gutter Gaurds keep pine needles out and let even heavy rainfall pass right through.

SUPERFLOW Gutter Screens

Stainless-steel gutter screen, optimally sized, and substrate material are hemmed into a heavy-duty aluminum body to keep Superflow guards tight and eliminate sagging.  Superflow gutter guards prevent that from clogging with leaves and debris to make sure they function properly.  This prevents stagnant water, a breeding area for mosquitoes, and the accumulation of highly flammable dry pine needles in drought conditions.  Superflow keeps everything from entering and clogging gutters.  Providing free flow of even the heaviest rainfall.

* .42 Stainless Steel Screen Mesh

* 440-Micron Mesh Opening

* Heavy-Duty, .024 Grade Aluminum Body

Aluminum diamond plate screen keeps out leaves - Easy Lock is your best choice for value and performance.

Easy Lock - Gutter Screen

At GutterPro SealPro, we offer a variety of gutter screen – cover options. Our selection includes solutions for both under-the-shingle installations and on-top-of-the-bracket installations, utilizing cutting-edge techniques such as the ‘compression’ and ‘snap-in’ methods.These gutter screen products are available to fit 5-inch, 6-inch, and 7-inch gutters, ensuring a perfect fit for your gutter system.

Addressing local Northern Michigan Gutter Cover concerns:

  • Pine Needles
  • Sticks and Branches
  • Snow and Ice Buildup: Gutter covers help prevent snow and ice from accumulating in gutters, which can lead to ice dams and water damage during the winter months.
  • Heavy Rainfall: With the frequent rainfall in Northern Michigan, gutter covers ensure that gutters remain clear and free-flowing, preventing overflow and potential water damage to the property.
  • Wildlife Debris: Gutter covers act as a barrier against debris brought in by wildlife, such as leaves, twigs, and nests, which can clog gutters and cause water backup.
  • Moss and Algae Growth: By keeping gutters covered, gutter covers inhibit the growth of moss and algae, which thrive in the damp environment of clogged gutters and can detract from the appearance of the property.
  • Pollen and Seed Pods: Gutter covers help block pollen and seed pods from trees and plants, reducing allergens and minimizing the need for frequent gutter cleaning.
  • Extreme Weather Protection: Gutter covers provide an extra layer of protection against extreme weather conditions common in Northern Michigan, including high winds and hail, helping to preserve the integrity of the gutter system.